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Dr. Beth Linas
Infectious Disease and Digital Health Epidemiologist
Dr. Oxiris Barbot
Health Commissioner for New York City
Dr. Paul Kuehnert
Public Health Accreditation Board President and CEO
Dr. Phyllis Meadows
Senior Fellow at Kresge Foundation and Former Public Health Director for Detroit
Sarah Ravenhall
New York State Association of County Health Officials Executive Director
Dr. Brandon Grimm
University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health Associate Dean of Public Health Practice
Melissa Lyon
Erie County Department of Health Public Health Director
Dr. Sameer Vohra
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Founding Chair, Department of Population Science and Policy 40
Dr. Julie Morita
EVP, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Former Chicago Health Commissioner funding
Dr. Pramod Dwivedi
Linn County Health Department Health Director
Rebecca Adamson
Crawford County Health Department Director
Dr. Amy Bantham
Move to Live More CEO and Founder
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